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APFC Xenon Lamp Power Supply

Technique Parameter Of APFC
Xenon Lamp Power Supply

1.Rated Input Voltage:110、220VAC
2.Input Power factor:0.99
3.Range Of Input Voltage:-10% -- +20%
4.Input Frequency:50-60Hz
5.Insulation Strength:1500VAC 50/60Hz 2mA 1min
6.Rated Loading Output Current:35A、33A、31A、29A、23A(±5%)
7.Rated Loading Output Voltage:28V、30V、32V、34.5V、43.5VDC
8.Rated Output Power:1000W
9. Maximum Output Power:1200W
10.Stability Of Voltage: ≤1%(△V: ±5%)
11.Stability Of Loading: ≤1%(△R: ±5%)
12.Stability Of Temperature: ≤1%(+20 ±25℃ Rated Output)
13.Nominal Life:50000 Hours
14.Ventilation Noise: ≤45db
15.Rated Temperature-rise Of Casing: ≤50℃
16.Airflow Temperature Of Air-inlet: -40 -+50 ℃
17.Working Elevation: ≤2500m
18.Circuit Working efficiency: ≥88%
19.Maximum Environmental Relative Humidity: ≤90%(No Dewing)
20.Size A:260mm X 140mm X 78mm Size B:260mm X 135mm X 78mm
21.Certification: CE、ROHS

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